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|Case Studies|
Case Studies                

Fuel and Oil Distributor
This client was a well-managed company that had utilized a consultant to monitor environmental compliance for the
previous several years.  Our site Phase I ESA confirmed that various mechanisms, plans and other management tools
were in place to ensure compliance with applicable environmental regulations and to prevent releases of hazardous
materials to soil, groundwater and off-site areas.  We did find that there were several discrepancies regarding state
regulatory agency reporting and registration of an on-site underground storage tank (UST) system.  Also, there was an
unauthorized and unpermitted stormwater discharge to an off-site roadside ditch.  Our implemented recommendations
averted liability and potential fines.

Vacant Tract (non-profit organization)
A non-profit organization was completing an application to HUD for funding to develop the vacant tract located within
the city limits and contracted ALLSITES to prepare the Phase I ESA.  Upon inspection, the tract was vacant and
apparently in good condition and surrounded by dwellings.  From review of historic documents, the tract was either
vacant or had a dwelling located on it until an unidentified industrial facility was noted in a 1940 aerial photograph.  
Sanborn Fire Insurance maps from 1895 and 1906 identified a sawmill formerly located at the subject property which
utilized fuel stored on-site for it's boilers.  No fuel nor hazardous materials were found on-site during site
reconnaissance, therefore, no environmental conditions were noted.  Funding was subsequently granted by HUD.

Offshore Equipment Rental Company
This facility had activites and conditions that included equipment storage, former UST and current aboveground storage
tanks (ASTs), on-site soil remediation (land farm), operation of two wastewater treatment systems with permitted
outfalls, a equipment wash rack, sand blasting area, equipment painting, and heavy equipment repair.  
Recommendations to the client included:  (1) Placing the ASTs away from on-site traffic lanes and providing
appropriate warning and content labels on the ASTs (The ASTs could easily have been hit by cranes, trucks and
forklifts operating in the area.); (2) Register with the LDEQ that the facility is a generator of hazardous waste (Facility
was a generator of hazardous waste, but had not ever managed this waste properly.); (3) Confirm that proper
wastewater treatment system operational and maintenance procedures are formalized and implemented (Recurring
permit violations were due to improper attention to the system operations.).

High Rise Office Building (property developer/manager)
Our client was purchasing the building.  The findings and recommendations involved asbestos-containing material
(ACM) insulating the HVAC system within utility rooms on each floor.  This friable ACM was in poor condition and
may have been exposing building occupants to asbestos fibers via the air-moving equipment within each utility room.  
Also, an asbestos maintenance plan required by the state had not been updated nor fully implemented.  Our client
recouped significant funds from the seller due to these findings.

Abandoned Warehouse Property (bank)
We determined that a UST operated on-site circa 1950 and was still on-site but out-of-service.  We managed UST
registered and closure process and removed numerous abandoned, empty 5-gallon containers and 55-gallon drums prior
to sale.  We were also able to put together the subcontractor and new owner to arrange for demolition of the on-site
structures and clearing of the tract.

Apartment Building (bank)
The two-story building located in an older downtown area was identified in City Directories from the 1950's to have a
dry cleaning facility located on-site.  Significant contamination could have resulted from operation of the dry cleaner.  
Foreclosure activities where the bank may have inherited clean-up and other costs were delayed until potential
contamination could be delineated.

Convenience Store w/ Fuel Sales (fuel company/bank)
The five year old convenience store development sold fuel from USTs.  The facility was well-managed and
housekeeping and recordkeeping practices were sound, but there was an unpermitted discharge of sanitary wastewater
to a nearby ditch.  We recommended that the facility owners apply for a permit with the state regulatory agency to
prevent a potential fine for this violation.
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