...the simple, age-old principle that's changing the world one gift at a time.
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"There must be a reason why some
people can afford to live well. They must
have worked for it. I only feel angry
when I see waste. When I see people
throwing away things we could use."
Mother Teresa (1910-97), A Gift for God, 1975

"We are not to throw away those things
which can benefit our neighbor. Goods
are called good because they can be
used for good: they are instruments for
good, in the hands of those who use
them properly."
Clement of Alexandria (150?-220?)  

"When they all had enough to eat, he
said to his disciples, 'Gather the pieces
that are left over. Let nothing be
Jesus in John 6:12 NIV Bible
*Unlike some free-recycle groups,
The FreeUse Network will NEVER
apply for a trademark for "our
name", will NEVER prohibit
people from using the term
"freeuse" as a verb (e.g., "happy
freeusing"),  will NEVER solicit
payment from nor align ourselves
with hazardous waste companies
that wish to white-wash their
history of non-compliance,
pollution and fines, will NEVER
pay one dime to those of us
humble VOLUNTEERS who will
keep this a grassroots group with
the following focus: Keep
reusable items out of landfills,
help those in need and develop
a caring community of members

You see, we believe that giving
things away for free to those who
can reuse them was not invented
in October 2005 (creation of nor May 2003
(creation of the first freecycle
site), it came about the time man
separated from primates, as a

How, then, can one ever expect
to 'trademark' giving?  This
concept is, therefore, FREE to
How do you get involved with FreeUse?  
It's simple!  
To start:

(1) Join your local FreeUse group.  Simply go to the
Yahoo! group Home Page for your local FreeUse group
see the block with the FreeUse Regions at the top,left of
this page

(Once you join, a Welcome email containing
guidelines and suggestions will be sent to you...these
are very important.  Please read through these
messages prior to participating.)

(2) Simply check your email or see the "Messages" at
your FreeUse group Home Page to see what fellow
members want to give away or seek; AND

(3) Click on "Post" to OFFER an item you would
otherwise "trash" or request something you seek (per
the basic Guidelines that we send when you join).
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CONTACT Scott (The FreeUse Facilitator)
at his email--
with questions and comments or visit our
FAQ link.
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Good Offers = Good Karma
karma \Kar"ma\, n.: 1. The effects of a person's actions
that determine his destiny; 2. A distinctive aura,
atmosphere, or feeling.
How does it work?                                             

When you want to find a new home for something, you
simply send a single e-mail to the message board that
automatically gets dispersed to the other members of
your local FreeUse group.

Or, maybe you're looking to acquire something yourself.

The FreeUse Network was started
in May 2004 as a local freecycle
group by an Environmental
Engineer to promote
waste reduction in
Baton Rouge LA by
helping to keep
reusable items out of
landfills and to develop
a helpful community of
caring people.  In October 2005,
due to freecycle losing it's former
grassroots focus, FreeUse was
Who can use The FreeUse Network?           

Think globally, reuse/recycle locally. The
FreeUse Network is open to all
communities and to all individuals who
want to participate.  FreeUse groups are
run by local volunteer moderators from
across the globe who facilitate each local
group--grassroots at its best!

What is this FreeUse thing about?                 

Well, in a nutshell, it's person to person recycling!

Whether you're looking to OFFER or SEEK a reusable
item, TFN is the place to do it, clothes,
appliances, computers, toys, a pile of dirt, plants, books,
used moving boxes, and all things in between.  
Our goal is to reduce waste by connecting people (via
the power of the Internet) who would otherwise throw
away unwanted items with others seeking those same

_find your local group_
Offer what you don't need;
Seek what you do.
Welcome to, the home
of the non-profit
FreeUse Network,
where one person's "trash" is
another person's treasure!