Environmental assessments for informed business decisions regarding property transactions at all sites in the USA
Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (Phase I ESA)
Perkins Environmental Assessment Group's professionals have completed over 600 Phase I
Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs per ASTM E1527-00) at diverse types of facilities as vacant
tracts, multi-family residential developments, automotive dealerships, fuel/oil distribution facilities,
marine bases, offshore production and drilling platforms, and many more.  In general, the Phase I
ESA consists of a review of extensive historical information, compilation and evaluation of required
state and federal environmental databases, site reconnaissance, and report preparation.

Quick Response Team (QRT)
Though we expect to complete the project and get you your assessment report within almost any
time-frame required, ALLSITES has created a Quick Response Team (QRT) to address our client's
needs for quick turnaround projects; Phase I ESAs within 24 to 48 hours, for instance, depending on
site characteristics.

Historic Aerial Photography and Topographic Map Review Services
We have access to an extensive library of aerial photographs and USGS quadrangle maps from across
the U.S.  Though the bulk of this collection is from
Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas, we have aerial
photograph mosaics from several hundred counties across the USA.  Click
HERE for an inventory of
our coverage across the USA.  Whether you wish to better understand historic conditions and
activities at a specific property or site or you are a consultant requiring an extensive historic
interpretation of a tract to complete a Phase I ESA to fulfill ASTM standards, ALLSITES can
quickly met those needs, including interpretation of materials.

Transaction Screen Analysis (TSA)
The TSA (ASTM E1528) is considered to be a less intensive site investigation than the Phase I ESA
and may be appropriate for some sites.  ALLSITES professionals have completed numerous TSAs
across the U.S., including for 18 restaurant sites across 12 states within 10 working days, for
example.  The TSA includes some of the elements of the Phase I ESA.  The findings of the TSA may
warrant Phase I or Phase II ESA activity.

"Phase II" Investigation
Phase II ESAs further evaluates the recognized environmental conditions identified in the Phase I
ESA.  These must be performed by an environmental professional and generally include sampling of
potentially contaminated areas to confirm the presence of contamination, determine contaminant
constituents, estimate the amount of remedial actions required, etc.

Other Site Assessment-type Projects
'Phase III' Investigations (contamination delineation)
Inspection/sampling for Asbestos, Radon, Lead-Based Paint, Mold, etc.
Environmental Audits & Compliance Reviews
Review & Evaluation of Assessment Reports by Other Consultants (Peer review)
ESA project management and bid solicitation (Client proxy/liaison)
Site Assessment Report User Traning (Complimentary to our clients)
On-line on May 1, 2009:


Historical aerial photos,
quad maps, geological
maps, Sanborns, City
Directories, etc., for your
site assessment

Case Studies
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